Hema Patel

Boozhoo! Hema Patel nindizhinikaaz. Turtle Mountain nindoonjibaa, Migizi nindoodem. Nijikendam maziningwaasoyaan.


Hello! My name is Hema Patel and I am Turtle Mountain Ojibwe, Eagle clan, from Belcourt, North Dakota. I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I use she/her pronouns! I am a 19 year old student at Yale University, an Ojibwe language learner, and I am most happy when beading.


As a child, my curious eyes were drawn to the floral beadwork of my mother’s hair pieces and my brother’s cradleboard. It seemed that there were endless moments woven between the beads of each piece I laid eyes on, from the dangles on my mother’s ears to a pair of mocs at a powwow.


Just two and a half years ago, I learned to bead from my Auntie Denise and my grandma Rita. I am so grateful for each teaching they pass on to me. Beading is healing and an expression to honor my ancestors. Most of my pieces are inspired by nature or moments of joyful memory. One of the teachings my Auntie passed to me shows me that we need to listen to the beads and follow their voices. You must bead with happiness so you can pass that good medicine on to whoever wears your beadwork.


I’ve included some examples of my pieces but more of my work (and giveaway info!) is featured on my Instagram page @beadworkbyhema !

Aliza Tyndale

My name is Aliza Tyndale and I am from Palm Desert, CA. My zodiac sign is Aries (the best sign)and I am 17 years old. My pronouns are she/her/hers! 


While using Photoshop, I put together a collage of images that made me uncomfortable and angry.

Social media is a powerful place for all voices to be heard but unfortunately, the most prominent voice has been racism. Clear as day. I made this collage to just express my constant anger and frustration towards people who don’t understand what it’s like to be black in America. What it’s like to be stared down in stores, going on walks in your neighborhood, etc. It’s so haunting and blood boiling knowing that others don’t believe that my life matters.  Making this collage broke me in several ways. I was completely shattered seeing people say things like, “If we kept them as slaves this never would have happened” and calling my black brothers and sisters "Gorillas". When you fear for your life and your family’s life, you will understand the discomfort and anger I carry while being Black in America.

Whitley Walton

My name is Whitley and I’m a 16 year old Black American from Indianapolis, Indiana! My pronouns are she/her/hers and I’m an artist!

I use graphite pencils, soft oil pastels, and I’m getting into using acrylic paint! I also dabble in digital art using Procreate. A lot of my inspiration for art comes from the South Korean pop genre of music, different animes I’ve watched, and people I come across on social media! I specialize in portraits and love to draw people.

Quinn Luong

Quinn Luong
child's play
the lump in my throat
To Be Asian

My name is Quinn Luong. I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am currently 16, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I am a proud Vietnamese/Cantonese Asian American and my hobbies include drawing, poetry, and listening to indie music. Attached are 8 pieces that I truly hold sentimental value for me.