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About Us

Atlas is a collective dedicated to cultivating a community that uplifts the voices of marginalized folx. 


We strive to create a dialogue of intersectionality by highlighting the work of young minority artists, writers, and visionaries. Recognizing the existence of systems historically used to sideline minorities, we work to unlearn previously established Eurocentric ideologies of white approval by shifting the narrative and creating space for routinely excluded voices to be heard.


Our mission is to inspire, amplify, empower, connect, and build coalition.

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The Story Behind Atlas

Atlas is a name derived from the word atlaô, a word that personifies endurance.

Here at Atlas, we believe that allyship and activism is not about virtue signaling or performance—it is about endurance. We work to center movements rather than ourselves, and understand the importance of spotlighting black and indigenous grassroots organizations doing the necessary work needed to push movements further. Atlas is positive that we will stand the test of time; after hashtags are no longer trending and people have deleted their black squares, we will continually work for a total end to inequality.