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We want to hear your voice. Atlas aims to spotlight marginalized communities by publishing your work. Submit here.


Current Events

Stay in touch with the rest of the world. Our current events column aims to open the eyes of viewers to news beyond mainstream media’s headlines.


History and Culture

When it comes to racial inequality, whitewashed curriculums in schools across the nation fail to teach basic historical facts, perpetuating “white saviour” narratives, erasure of BIPOC stories, and ignorance. With the majority of America’s population only reading works by white authors, the mass majority of students only see the world through white lens, allowing experiences of minorities to be trivialized and ignored. In order to combat this, Atlas is dedicated to facilitating conversations about the full extent of injustices marginalized folx have faced in America and around the world.


Arts and Entertainment

The art and entertainment industry has historically always prioritized and catered to the white viewer. BIPOC artists and entertainers have to make deliberate efforts to measure their words and strategically plan how to tell their stories in a way that accommodates for a fragile white audience. As creators, this is silencing. We refuse to let young BIPOC only see their lives in relation to whiteness; instead of letting mainstream platforms tokenize BIPOC, Atlas aims to amplify storytelling through sharing and uplifting their work.

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